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The Home of Strategic "Emergence"

5i Strategic Affairs is a global expert in leading and facilitating the strategic planning/decision-making  process in all types of organizations.

It seeks to works with leaders and their teams who face uncertain futures and major strategic dilemmas and who are open to exploring “new ways of knowing” in order to generate and to capture emergent visions, strategies, innovations and exploratory ways to move forward.

5i’s approach is unique in that it prioritizes tapping into a team’s intuition, its physical, social, emotional and worldly wisdom, and its global consciousness (all of the “warm data”) by using embodied, social presencing techniques - while never neglecting the value of information gathering and analysis (all of the “hard data”).

By using the rigourous 5i Strategic Planning Process along with innovative individual and team exercise, 5i creates a space where "the new" can crystalize and emerge.



















In over 30 years of existence, it has successfully lead numerous strategic planning/decision-making exercises from launch to completion around the world and trained individuals and facilitated team retreats and workshops in North America, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

What's more, since the advent of AI, the COVID-pandemic and remote work, 5i now also offers its unique "Imagination Hack-a-thon" - which is is a "deep Flow dive" into the Second "I" - that of exploring our Imagination and intuition!

Flow is the optimal experience (state of mind) of a human being; it is the opposite of struggle. Our "Hack-a-thons" are designed to create a flow experience for all participants so that rapid progress can be made on "tough" questions.

During the sessions, 5i facilitators have access to all the experiential “imagination’ practices that the company has assembled, customized and developed over the decades.

These short intense, 1-3 day "Deep Dives" tap into individual full-body wisdom, global awareness and collective intuition, aiming to unleash a team’s imagination in a liberating and highly creative space.

They aim to generate new insights, perspectives and possibilities and seek to generate movement on even the most frustrating, seemingly immovable, organizational issues.

"Imagination Hack-a-thons" can be useful to leaders or teams in any organizational or community-based setting.

For more details, click here: "Imagination Hack-a-thon"

Please contact us now to see if the complete 5i process or an Imagination Hack-a-thon is right for you!


Strategic Assumptions

The Hidden, Yet Powerful Beliefs That Control Every Decision You Make

Why are Strategic Assumptions important?

"We simply assume that the way we see things is the way they really are or the way they should be. And our attitudes and behaviors grow out of these assumptions." - Stephen R. Covey from The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

"People often form big assumptions in their lives and then seldom, if ever, examine them. They're woven into the very fabric of our lives. But only by bringing them into the light can people finally challenge their deepest beliefs and recognize why they're engaging in seemingly contradictory behavior." - Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey from The Real Reason People Won't Change

"The ExCom members - the CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, and head of HR had grown tired of sitting through endless Powerpoint presentations that provided them few opportunities to challenge the business unit's assumptions or influence their strategies." - Michael Mankins from Stop Making Plans

What assumptions are you making about your life, your organization or your career that are fueling your decision-making? Are they well-founded, or totally off-base? How will you know?

How can you be assured that you are making the best decisions in an uncertain world?

This book offers practical strategies for making important decisions with greater clarity and confidence, regardless of the accuracy of your underlying assumptions.


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