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At 5i, our role is to ensure that clients ask the right questions, involve the right people, arrive at the right conclusions and initiate the right changes for their organization.

We offer a range of customized services to help organizations achieve their objectives:

  • 5i Consulting:
    We undertake research and analysis and, most importantly, manage and document the 5i process from the initial launch to a successful conclusion.
  • 5i Workshops:
    We design and facilitate off-site retreats and training workshops designed to generate the maximum value in the available time for each and every person in the room.
  • 5i Conferences:
    We bring short, customized, powerful and memorable messages to your audience.
  • 5i Coaching:
    We offer intensive one-on-one coaching sessions focused on achieving real change in attitude and behaviour and concrete results.
  • 5i Services:
    Whatever the mix of services we offer, we remain focused on customer satisfaction and helping clients achieve their desired outcomes.