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5i's workshops and training programs focus on developing individual skills in the areas of strategic management, leadership, change management, work-life balance and personal growth. We also lead trainings designed to build trust, to re-engineer meetings and conversation processes, and establish work-life balance. We concentrate on developing your most important asset - your people.

5i possesses a wealth of proprietary intellectual property, training modules and delivery techniques. We also have access to a high-quality network of professional trainers and facilitators with complementary experience and expertise.

Titles of recent training workshops include:

  • "Models for Strategic Planning: Dealing with Uncertainty in an Uncertain Time"
  • "Strategic Decision-Making: Strategic Maps & Balanced Scorecards"
  • "Strategic Leadership for Project Managers"
  • "Achieving (Sustainable) Work-life Balance"
  • "Creativity & Innovation to Create Value"
  • "Re-engineering your Core Business Process: Conversation" 
  • "Strategic Decision-Making (Part 1): Identifying our Strategic Issues
  • "Strategic Decision-Making (Part 2): Effective Processes for Long-Term Organizational Success"

5i workshops can be delivered in-person or on-line.