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5i founder & President, Mark Hollingworth, accepts speaking engagements at industry conferences and corporate events where he shares his unique vision of change management and organizational empowerment with his audience.

A charismatic speaker, Mr. Hollingworth is a highly sought-after presenter who offers great insight and clarity into today's complex organizational problems. He has delivered keynote and conference-opening speeches and has addressed numerous gatherings and lunch-time conferences, conversing on a variety of topics and drawing his audience in with his engaging, interactive style.

Mr. Hollingworth has appeared, for example, at conferences organized by the

  • Canadian Advanced Technology Association (CATA),
  • ProjectWorld,
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Human Resources
  • Grupo Alares (Spain)
  • ITCR (Costa Rica)
  • Cree Nation (Quebec)
  • Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (CAFE)
  • TEC Monterrey (Mexico)
  • University of Guatamala (Continuing Education)

Recent conferences have included titles such as:

  • "Growing People, Growing Companies"
  • "Re-engineering our Key Business Process: Conversation"
  • "Achieving Work-life Balance"
  • "Creating Conversations that Matter"
  • "Defining Sustainable Success"
  • "The Five Pillars of Competitivity & Conciliation"
  • "Strategic Leadership in the Dominican Republic"