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The Company

5i Strategic Affairs comprises a small group of senior professionals and consultants who work both independently and collectively with organizations to address a variety of strategic needs.

5i is perfectly fluid, with teams being assembled as required to meet the specific needs of each mandate. Our consulting team is comprised only of experienced independent professionals, each possessing formidable experience in a given field of expertise which includes strategy implementation, organizational design, marketing communications and project management. Each mandate is led personally by the company founder, Mark Hollingworth.

Since its inception in 1995, 5i has successfully completed inter-disciplinary consulting projects in cities throughout Canada and around the world and has hosted participants from over 20 countries at 5i workshops.

Speciality Offerings

Strategic Leadership = A synergistic combination of Strategy and Leadership which, when applied and integrated together, merge to create balanced, successful and sustainable organizations and teams
Strategic Planning: Explore the different steps in a strategic planning process that will allow organizations to address the tough issues and questions they are facing and to emerge with a unified vision of their short, medium or long-term futures.
Decision-making processes: Explore a wide selection of concepts, processes and tools available to leaders to host high-value discussions that will turn decision-making into real action and change.
Strategic Assumptions: Explore and identify the beliefs that form the foundation of - and that shape - every decision a leader makes in both their personal and professional lives
Enabling Innovation: Explore the use of scenario planning, different models and sources of creativity, two-, three- and four dimensional modeling, story-telling, liberating structures etc to allow individuals and teams to generate innovative ideas and solutions to challenging problems
Embodied Decision-making: Exploration of methodologies to access wisdom, intuition, emotions, gut feelings etc that are valuable, often untapped sources of information and knowledge that enable improved decision-making and collaboration
Life-mapping: Explores the use of strategic planning tools and processes to help individuals create satisfying, balanced, complete and successful personal and professional lives.