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Key Collaborators

Débora Barrientos

Débora has been involved in different consultancy projects related to change management and organisational and social development and transformation for almost 15 years. She is driven by a high sense of social justice, as well as a strong supporter of sustainability and organizational well-being. In all her work, she always has one objective in mind: to foster the development of people and organisations; touching lives.

In the corporate world, she facilitates executive and career and leadership development along with organizational development, transformation training and consulting services. She has experience in many different industry sectors including logistics, services, technology, financial, retail, and industrial sectors, among others.

In social or governmental organisations, she provides training, one-on-one coaching and community intervention and has on-going long-term projects in various social projects related to the areas of education, projects involving teenagers as well as entrepreneurs. She also collaborates with several organisations in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile and Europe in the area of the talent management and organizational development.

For the last 14 years, she has been teaching at universities throughout Latin America and Europe in organizational development, generative conversation and embodied leadership.


Anna Maggi

Anna Maggi is a visual facilitator, communication designer and embodiment practitioner. She is a specialist in visual sensing and facilitation acting as a researcher, designer, artist and embodiment practitioner.  Anna “captures a moment” or experience painting live during an event, conference or workshop (in person or online), using mixed media on large canvases in order to capture the essence of the experience, conversation and learning. Through her work, Anna promotes non-verbal learning and stimulates intuition, generative conversations and new insights among participants.

As a visual facilitator she has worked in events such as “Money & Business Partnership Congress” with Peter Koenig, Economy for the Common Good in Kiel (Germany) and for individuals and organisations in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Belgium and the US.

She has a Master in Communication Design (Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design, London), a BA in Graphic Design & Visual Communication and a Degree in Painting and Decoration. She has been working in the design and art field in London, Florence, Milan and Bruxelles for 15 years with a focus on social innovation.


Mariëlle Slierendrecht

Mariëlle Slierendrecht is the founder of Emergentia and is an expert guide in transformation in social and organizational complexity. She works with individuals, teams and organizations and particularly shines in creating and supporting meaningful collaboration and generative conversations in difficult circumstances--in particular, situations where there seems to be no easy way out.

Her mission is to connect her clients to their potential and translate it into concrete action, new behaviors and change. Her approach is open and welcoming and uses a combination of intuition, dialogue and analysis. She works from a big-picture view and makes sure that purpose is clear in all conversations.
In the past 10 years she has worked in the Netherlands as a facilitator, (organizational) coach, advisor and program manager with, among others, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism, the Ministry of Security and Justice, Wageningen University, the European Platform, the National UNESCO Commission and the Embodied Change Institute.


Shannon Stoll Rabas

Shannon is a somatic coach, facilitator and learning & organization development consultant. She empowers individuals, teams and organizations to develop 4.0 leadership skills, navigate change, and make visible the invisible forces and emerging possibilities.

Her current areas of focus are leadership development and change navigation through accessing individual & social body wisdom and holding spaces for generative conversations, and transformation. She listens, asks curious questions and challenges assumptions through fierce compassion.

Shannon has worked with a variety of clients - from youth through executives - in a wide variety of educational, non-profit and corporate organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies, in telecommunications, retail, law, consulting, food, utilities, automotive, and pharmaceuticals.

Her undergraduate degree is in psychology, her masters work is in experiential education: leadership and organization development. She is a certified professional co-active coach and a Theory U and Social Presencing Theater practitioner.