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Recent Mandates

5i Strategic Affairs can lead projects to a successful conclusion for our clients wherever they are in the world.

Recent successful mandates include:

  • Consulting

Facilitation of two executive retreats and the preparation of a complete strategic plan for a major financial institution in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (2011-12)

Facilitation of a series of strategic retreats for a major Canadian financial institution (2009-2011)

Management of the complete strategic planning process for an emerging "one-stop" recycling business (2011-2012)

On-going diversification projects with a major pulp and paper company (2001-)

Successful "Blue Ocean" planning process for the re-launch of an aging manufacturing facility (2011-)

Completion of two different strategic plans for organizations in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry

Facilitation of the strategic planning process for a family business expanding in the footwear markets of Europe & North America (2012-)

Completion of three different strategic planning mandates for a Canadian-based international development agency (2009-2011)

Management and facilitation of the strategic planning process for a business unit in the alcoholic beverages industry (2011)

Preparation of business plans for a consumer advocacy group  (2004, 2006, 2008 & 2013)

Management of the strategic planning process for an on-line gaming company (2014-2016)

Management of the strategic planning process for a LGBT-rights organization (2014-2016)

Management of the strategic planning process for a national healthcare Association in Ottawa (2015-2016)

Management of the strategic planning process for a Canadian healthcare research foundation (2016)

  • Training/Workshops

An intensive “Strategic Leadership” professional development workshop of two-weeks duration offered each year in Montreal & Kuala Lumpur (2003-)

Assorted one-week training/consulting workshops for such clients as KenGen (Kenya -2012), the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF, Zimbabwe 2012), Ministry of Planning & Investment, Vietnam (Hanoi – 2010), Government of Jamaica (Kingston -2010), Mubadala (Abu Dhabi - 2009), Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Nigeria – 2007 & 2008, Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA, Ghana - 2008), the Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC, Bhutan - 2007)

Intensive short-courses on the topics “Strategic Planning & Execution”, "Strategic Leadership" and “Creativity & Innovation to Create Value” offered several times per year through McGill University, Montreal  (2006-)

  • Coaching

Assorted executive coaching mandates with a global mining company (2009-)